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Upload Component is a user interface element that enables users to upload files or media from their local device to a web application or platform. It provides a means to select files, preview them if applicable, and initiate the upload process. The component is essential for allowing users to share content, images, documents, and other files with the application or website.

Table of Contents#

Default Upload#

The Default Upload component allows users to select and upload a file. When a file is selected, the onDrop callback is triggered to handle the file selection and update the name of the selected file.

Horizontal Upload#

To display the upload component in a horizontal layout, set the horizontal prop to true.

Single Upload#

By default, the upload component allows users to select multiple files. To restrict users to uploading a single file, set the multiple prop to false within the options object.

Upload Disabled#

To prevent users from uploading files, use the disabled prop set to true within the options props.

API Reference#

Explore the available props for the upload component

childrenChildren is upload contentReactNodeReactNode
classNameCustom className for customize stylestringNone
horizontalUpload show horizontally or verticallybooleanfalse
optionsOption is object for controlling the uploadDropzoneOptionsDropzoneOptions


Our Upload component is built using the react-dropzone package. For more information , follow the documentation react-dropzone.