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Sidebar Component is a user interface element commonly found in web and mobile applications. It provides a dedicated space at the side of the main content area to display navigation links, menu items, or other relevant information. The sidebar is often used to help users navigate between different sections of the application, access important features, or view contextual details.

Table of Contents#

Default Sidebar#

The Default Sidebar component offers a versatile multi-level navigation menu enriched with icons and labels, catering to a seamless navigation experience. It requires icons sourced from an icon library package and easy setup within the <Sidebar.Items> component with appropriate props.

Craft dropdown menus within the sidebar using the <Sidebar.Collapse> component. This empowers you to provide sub-level navigation options for an organized user experience.

Infuse your brand identity by incorporating a brand logo into the sidebar using the <Sidebar.Logo> component. Customize the code snippet with your brand logo's URL.

Enhance content separation in the sidebar by employing separators. Divide your sidebar items into distinct groups using <Sidebar.Group> components.

Integrate compelling calls to action within the sidebar to engage users effectively. Utilize the <Sidebar.CTA> component for seamless incorporation.