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The Checkbox Component is a user interface element that allows users to toggle between two states, typically representing selection or deselection. It consists of a small box that can be checked (selected) or unchecked (deselected). Checkboxes are commonly used in forms, lists, and interactive interfaces to enable users to make multiple selections or indicate their preferences.

Table of Contents#

Default Checkbox#

The default checkbox is a square checkbox that can be checked or unchecked.

Checkbox Variant#

The Checkbox component offers four variants: checked,dashed,rounded and circle. You can use the variant prop to specify the desired variant.

Disabled Checkbox#

You can disable the checkbox by setting the disabled prop to true.

API Reference#

Here is a list of the props that you can pass to the Checkbox component:

variantCheckbox Variant
classNameCustom class to be added to the checkbox.stringNone