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Timeline Component is a graphical representation used to visualize a sequence of events or activities over time. It presents information in a chronological order, allowing users to track the progression of events, milestones, or changes. Timelines often include markers, labels, and other visual cues to enhance understanding and engagement.

Table of Contents#

Default Timeline#

The Default Timeline is a fundamental component that visually presents a sequence of events over time. Each event is showcased in chronological order, offering details such as event dates, titles, and descriptions.

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Horizontal Timeline#

The Horizontal Timeline component is designed to display a timeline of events in a horizontal layout. To do that, you need to add horizontal={true} props.

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    Celebrating the start of a new year with friends and family.

  2. Birthday Bash

    Throwing a fun-filled birthday party to celebrate another year of life.

  3. Independence Day

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Dashed Border Timeline#

The Dashed Border Timeline component represents a timeline with dashed borders, creating a distinct visual style for the timeline elements. There are two types of bar type variant in our design system. One is timelineBarType="solid",which is set by default and the other is timelineBarType="dashed".

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Timeline With Image#

The Image Timeline is a dynamic component that showcases a sequence of events along with corresponding images. Each event is presented within a timeline structure, featuring a time indicator, event title, image, and a concise description.

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API Reference#

Explore the available props for the timeline component

horizontalArranges the timeline component horizontally if set to true.booleanfalse
gradientPointAdds a gradient effect to the timeline event markers.booleanfalse
gradientColorAdds a gradient color with class "bg-gradient-{1-31}".stringbg-gradient-9
timelineBarTypeSets the type of bar style in the timeline.