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Textarea Input Component is a user interface element used to collect and display multiline text input from users. It provides an expandable box where users can enter a larger amount of text, such as comments, descriptions, or messages.

Table of Contents#

Default TextArea#

The Default TextArea is a simple and versatile component that provides users with a larger text input area.

Color variant Of Text Area#

The Text Area component in our design system offers different color variants to match your UI's visual style and provide additional context. You can choose from the following color options: "gray" "info" "error" "warning" and "success".

Text Area Without Border#

You can easily create a TextArea without a border by setting the border prop to false.

Text Area With Helper Text#

It will be displayed below the TextArea to provide additional guidance or context for the user. You can add a helperText using the helperText prop in the TextArea component.

Info that helps a user with this field!

API Reference#

Explore the available props for the Text Area component

shadowApplies a shadow effect to the textarea component.booleanfalse
helperTextAdditional helper text or information related to the textarea.ReactNodeNone
withBgApplies a background style to the textarea component.booleanfalse
borderDisplays a border around the textarea component.booleanfalse
disabledDisables interactions with the textarea component.booleanfalse
colorSpecifies the color variant of the textarea component.