Skeleton - Keep React

The Preloader component in the Keep React provides a visual indication of an ongoing process or loading state. With various options for type and device, you can choose the appropriate preloader style to enhance the user experience on both web and mobile platforms.

Table of Contents#

Default Skeleton#

The Default Skeleton component provides a visual placeholder that mimics the appearance of loading content. It presents a line of skeleton components and serves as a foundation for different skeleton layouts.

Skeleton Layout#

With the <Skeleton> component, you can create various layout structures to match your design. This example showcases one possible skeleton layout, but you can tailor it to your specific requirements.

Comment Layout#

The Comment Layout skeleton mimics a comment structure with a larger line, an avatar-like circle, and a description skeleton. You can customize this layout to fit your design seamlessly.

Post Skeleton#

The Post Skeleton demonstrates a skeleton representing a post-like structure, ideal for showcasing loading placeholders in a social media or content platform.

Paragraph Skeleton#

The Paragraph Skeleton incorporates multiple lines of skeleton components, resembling a paragraph. It's a versatile choice for loading various content blocks.

Skeleton With Animation#

To enhance the loading experience, you can add animation to the skeleton component by using the animation={true} props.

API Reference#

For comprehensive details about the Skeleton component's properties, refer to the API documentation.

animationSkeleton animation to be animatedbooleanfalse
childrenSkeleton ContentReactNodeContent
heightSkeleton item heightstringh-4