DatePicker - Keep React

The Date Picker component offers an intuitive way for users to select dates from a calendar. With this component, users can easily navigate through months and years to pick specific dates. The Date Picker supports a range of customization options, allowing developers to control date formats, highlight specific dates, set minimum and maximum selectable dates, and more.

Table of Contents#

Default Date Picker#

The Default Date Picker component provides a simple interface for selecting a single date. Users can choose a date, and the selected date is managed using state.

Multiple Date Picker#

The Multiple Date Picker allows users to view and select dates from multiple months. You can customize the number of months displayed using the numberOfMonths prop.

Date Range Picker#

The Date Range Picker enables users to select a range of dates. Set the mode prop to "range" to enable this functionality.

Multiple Month Date Picker#

The Multiple Month Date Picker lets users select date ranges spanning across multiple months.


For further details and advanced usage, refer to the documentation of React Day Picker