LineChart - Keep React

The Line Chart component is a powerful tool for visualizing numerical data trends over time or across categories. With its clear and intuitive presentation, it enables users to easily identify patterns, correlations, and outliers within their datasets.

Table of Contents#

Default Line Chart#

The Default Line Chart component showcases a basic line chart, providing a simple yet effective way to visualize data trends over time or across categories.

Double Series Line Chart#

The Double Series Line Chart component extends the functionality of the Default Line Chart by allowing the visualization of multiple data series simultaneously. This feature-rich chart is ideal for comparing trends between different datasets.

Line Chart Line Type#

The Line Chart Line Type component explores the various line types available in the line chart, offering flexibility in visual representation. This component allows users to customize the appearance of lines to suit their specific needs.


To learn more about the Line chart, please see the documentation of Recharts