Button Group - Keep React

The Buttons component in the Keep React offers a variety of button types, sizes, and states to meet your design needs. With options for icons and destructiveness, you can create visually appealing and functional buttons for your product.

Table of Contents#

Default Button Group#

The Button Group component lets you group multiple buttons together, creating a visually cohesive and organized user interface. By using this component, you can ensure that related actions are grouped, enhancing the user experience and providing a clear user flow.

Button Group with Icon#

The Button Group component with icons allows you to create a group of buttons, each accompanied by an icon. This arrangement visually represents different actions and enhances the user experience by providing clear and recognizable icons alongside the corresponding buttons.

Button Group with only icon#

The Button Group component with only icons allows you to create a compact and visually appealing group of buttons, each featuring an icon. This layout is particularly useful when you want to provide users with quick and easily recognizable actions without the need for text labels.


To access the available props for button and customize their themes, please follow this documentation Button .