Avatar Group - Keep React

The Avatar Group component in the Keep React allows you to display user avatars or profile images in a consistent and visually appealing manner. With customizable options for placeholders, shapes, status icons, and sizes, you can create versatile avatars to suit your design needs.

Table of Contents#

Default Avatar Group#

The Avatar Group component simplifies the display of user avatars or profile images within a group.

Avatar Group With Add Icon#

Improve user interactions with the Avatar Group by adding an icon for user addition. Showcase avatar images within the group, accompanied by a plus button icon, enabling users to add new members effortlessly.


Avatar Group With Counter#

The Avatar Group with Counter component exhibits a limited set of avatar images while representing the remaining users numerically with a label like "+99" or a similar indicator.

Avatar Group With Plus Counter#

Enhance user engagement with the Avatar Group with Plus Counter feature. Display a concise collection of avatar images while indicating additional members with a numeric badge, such as "+99".


To access the available props for avatars and customize their themes, please follow this documentation Avatar .